Are your employees suffering from Holiday Blues – or is it something more serious?

Holidays can be a great time for employees to relax and enjoy their family, have some wintertime fun, decompress, and reconnect with their happy side. But this is also an opportunity for them to reflect on their work lives, and perhaps unfavorably remember the workplace as being a whole lot less fun!
When they come back after the New Year’s Celebration– they may be returning the same problems, the same toxic people, the same unsavory culture they left. Pressures return, and they lose the joy of the Holiday Season. The environment to which they return contrasts drastically to the great times they just enjoyed.

The work environment and culture have everything to do with motivation and performance. Research indicates that positive work cultures result in far better growth and revenue tracks. Keeping employees engaged in their work (which has become a soundbite) -is paramount for progressive leaders and managers. What have you done recently to get these employees reengaged with the 2018 goals for the team. Here are some ideas:
• Have you taken an employee culture survey recently? (Best practice is once per year)
• Have you discussed with your direct reports exactly where they are going and what you can do to help them get there?
• Many employees report that no one seems to care about their development or offer them additional training.
• Further, many claim to have no clear vision of where the team is going and thus, they feel they are moving in a vacuum. Have you reiterated the near-term goals for 2018?

Successful leaders understand that employees are human beings first – and thinking human beings at that. Thus, its imperative that you understand them as PEOPLE first – as employees second. This will have a profound effect on their attitude. Next, by showing you care, by asking about the kids, the spouse and other pertinent issues in their lives, will be a strong beginning to re-engaging all but those who really don’t belong there (that group will eventually self-select out).

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