Conflict is a sure thing – both in the workplace and life in general.  Conflict itself is not the problem – it is how it is handled and resolved.  This week’s conversation is “healthy conflict” in the workplace and how a high performing organization provides a mechanism for resolution.  Dictatorial approaches to conflict – (I.e. “because I said so” -or some variation thereof) -is no longer acceptable.  A true leader does several things: 1) recognizes that there is an “issue” in the group; 2) hits it head on.  Why?  Failure to do so allows for the human mind to conjure up all sorts of assumptions and distortions that create a larger problem.   Conversation starter:

  1. Is conflict an issue in your organization?
  2. If so, do you have a process in which to address healthy conflict?
  3. Are there “silos” and attitudes of WE vs. THEM

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